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Hello, and welcome to Melissa Durham Yoga. I am so glad you are here. Yoga and holistic wellness are a significant part of my life and I look forward to the opportunity to share it with you.

My journey to yoga came shortly after the birth of my eldest daughter. I had gone from being a workaholic to a stay at home mom essentially overnight. It was a crisis of identity for me. I did not know who I was anymore and struggled to find my way. I had postpartum depression and anxiety, suddenly consumed with thoughts of worry and self-doubt. I felt guilty that I wasn't enjoying motherhood the way I thought I was supposed to.

Almost by accident, I stumbled upon a Mommy and Me Yoga class with other postpartum moms. Most of the time, the classes were filled with crying babies, nursing moms, and overall chaos, but we usually found time to connect with our bodies, get a few poses in, and most of all, breathe. Our instructor had a knack for bringing us back to the present even in the midst of the activity surrounding us. She was teaching us far more than yoga postures; She was giving us coping strategies.  I wasn't sure what was happening inside of me, but I noticed I felt better when I connected to my breath, and having my daughter there with me was a bonding experience. I found myself craving yoga in a way that no other form of exercise had given me previously.

I soon joined a yoga studio, and the practice of yoga completely transformed me from the inside out. Initially, I thought it would help me get in shape after childbirth. It brought me that, and so much more.  I soon found a peace and calmness I had never known. I learned to manage my anxiety through breath work and quieting my mind. Through yoga, I began to study as much as I could about the practice, including the timeless wisdom of Patanjali's 8-Limbed Path. I noticed that things I had used to be OK with in my life no longer felt right.  These internal changes soon blossomed into wanting to make outward changes in the way I live and interact with the world from a broader perspective. Initially, the decision to pursue yoga teacher training was solely to deepen my own personal practice. I soon discovered a longing to share this sacred practice with others and help people find their own path to healing. Yoga can create a truly transformative journey towards self-discovery. I am so grateful for this practice and am honored to help guide you in yours!


“I have experienced a private yoga session with Melissa in the park and it was beautiful. I felt like she connected to my energy and knew exactly what my mind and body needed at that moment. Her messages and guidance really spoke to me and I felt more grounded and refreshed after our session. Melissa is very caring and gentle. I would recommend trying Melissa's as a yoga instructor."
Heather H.

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